I asked Mike if I could give this to goodwill, and now he’s wearing it on his head. #iguessnot

I asked Mike if I could give this to goodwill, and now he’s wearing it on his head. #iguessnot

We got to see our new apartment today! So excited to move in on Monday.

It’s brand new, and there are a couple of finishes I wouldn’t have chosen (cough weird granite color cough), but the big picture is looking fabulous.

Also, we were the first people to see their apartment…two thumbs up from unnecessarily competitive Kelsey.




At the start of a new school year, take a moment and share this with a teacher. 

ignore the rivers of mascara and tears running down my face

I’m not crying. There’s just a stick in my eye.



You changed your name, but your voice is the same.

     — Seeing former students does the heart good.

I may have been having a mild panic attack about moving/teaching/all the crap that accompanies teaching today,

But I am still not okay with the fact that my directv box is no longer working even though I didn’t ask for it to be disconnected till Monday.

I didn’t mean I wanted less distraction.…

Kid 1: My grandma and grandpa live on a farm.
Kid 2: I've jumped on a trampoline, too!

I felt two things immediately when I got the news last night: first that the light had dimmed and, on its heels, a sense that this was inevitable; that Robin had lived for a long time with a darkness at the periphery of his vision. What must it have been like to be present when he improvised the genie in “Aladdin” or Lovelace in “Happy Feet?” His Texan, his gay stylist, his Soviet comedian, Mrs. Doubtfire…He was a one-man menagerie. Perhaps, just as we were swept away, so was he. I remember the small, uncontrollable chuckle that often accompanied his flights of fancy; as if he were as amazed as we were by what was happening to him. Who can pretend to understand a gift like Robin Williams’s? Meteoric, volcanic, fast and furious…Perhaps there is a price for such brilliance. I’m so sad he’s gone and so grateful he left us so much.

     — James Taylor on the death of Robin Williams (via apsies)