Tumblr, I present my classroom. I can’t wait to get it arranged the way I want it and start teaching my kindergarten kiddos.

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    Yay! Love your space!
  4. teachinginthemiddle said: you have SO MANY things already in your room! you are so lucky!
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    I want to go back to my Kindergarten room. :( I had those trapezoid tables. I rarely kept them together though. I had a...
  7. rockernena said: Wow. That looks amazing. Nice job. Congrats & good luck!
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  9. 2ndcgw said: Glapple.
  10. stephteaches-sped said: That’s an awesome room! There’s so much you could do with it!
  11. watchmeteachprek said: It’s huge! Congratulations! You will make a wonderful teacher!
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